Tuesday, December 16, 2008

just another tuesday?

so it snowed last Thursday, then on Sunday I wore a short sleeve shirt to our Christmas festival at church, and now today, it's drizzling and cold again.

ah, Louisiana...

i was telling some of the ladies that i had lunch with today that even in India, it was colder than it is here in the winter. or maybe more consitently cold. or maybe i'm just making that up.

someone I was talking to last night, who's from New Orleans, said that Katrina always seems to come up in conversations, even 3 years later. i think India has been that way for me, but it seems to come up less and less. it seems more like a dream, which i would have NEVER imagined possible when i got home 16 months ago. i was telling another couple that, some friends who are home from Asia for Christmas, and I was like, yeah, i know you can't wrap your mind around that now, but it starts to seem less and less real as the time goes by.

the funny thing is, as i've been thinking about posting this blog for the past few days, India wasn't even on my mind, but, here it is again. maybe this is just a good (or easy?) place to process that part of my life/heart/etc.

so, i'm going to work on blogging again. i think seminary is teaching me that i may not have as much to say as i'd like to think, but i do have a whole lot of questions, so i'm hoping to wrestle with some of those this coming year. we'll see what happens :)

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