Wednesday, January 29, 2014


the great sneauxpocalypse of 2014! it's actually been a pretty nice day--didn't have to go in to the office, so i just did a little work from home and have mostly been pretty lazy--watching tv/movies and lots and lots of weather/news. the chaos of the weather does make me think about a few things: i'm really quite self centered, and it shows itself most highly in times like this. i wouldn't say that i totally don't care about others, but my level of concern for them pales in comparison with my concern for myself, my desires, my well being. yes, staff, you can drive in the crazy weather, but me? no thanks. totally pissed that the boss wanted us in the office. how ridiculous? don't they care about us??? i'm sure they do, maybe not as much as i think they should, but the real issue is me. i want to be happy and comfortable and have exactly what i want, and then, i might consider others. sure, there are times when i do a better job of extending myself towards others, but it's rare that i'm really willing to give up my comfort and/desires for someone else. i'm also not good with staying focused when my routine gets thrown off. it's nice to have a day or two off of work, to be able to relax, but i'm not really good at being productive without at least somewhat of a game plan, even if that game plan is just a few little things, a small to do list. i realized that this morning when i was eating breaking fast and looking over my little prayer cards (once again, a plan, a strategy): one of my "bright spots" is strategy, plan, organization--to do list, etc. i get so much more done, and feel focused, productive. it also ties back in with the whole "priority determines capacity" thing--making an effort to map out what's most important and then get it done first allows me to really get the most done. i did that a little better today than yesterday--yesterday, i totally got sidetracked reading lists on addictive. but today, i got a little more done, with work especially. and now, to move on and map out the next few weeks of weekends so i can have a game plan for packing/moving/etc.... :)

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