Saturday, January 4, 2014


So, the Saints just won their first play off game! And their first playoff game on the road ever! (not really a topic to blog about, but it's making for a great end to a nice Saturday!) A few thoughts on the game: -watching it with Anna, my roommate, is great. She likes to stand on the edge of the big green recliner, clap her hands and jump up and down, yelling, come on, come on!!! She actually hit her hand on the fan during the final field goal kick :) Thankfully, it was not on because... -it's freezing. It was freezing a few years back when we went to the Super Bowl...hmm... -would have been fun to watch this game with a big group, but I'm also pretty ok just being lazy at home. But next week's game, that's another story! -brings back lots of good memories from 2010, and all the amazing games leading up to the Super Bowl In other's been a pretty productive day. I rode over 20 miles this afternoon--perfect weather, lovely new trail out by the lake. Rode all the way out to Kenner, just past the Treasure Chest. Would have loved to keep going, but it was one of the those situations where you realize, I've got the energy to keep going, but I also have to make sure I have the energy to get back to where you started! And it turned out to be a good stopping point, because the wind was stronger coming back, and a nice bit more chilly. But days like today reminded me why I really love riding my bike. Like so much. It makes all the difference in the world to find something you love and then just get to do it, over and over. I would love to find things that I love like that in more, maybe all, areas of life. Like with work--what do I love? What just gets me going? Dreaming, moving, thinking, hoping, creating? And in dating and relationships--meeting someone who just inspires, excites, etc. Sometimes I start to wonder if that's really possible...but a good, beautiful, inspiring ride like today gives a little bit of hope, if that makes sense. It's like, if there can be as much goodness and joy as I feel right now, in just this small thing, then why not elsewhere? Why not take a risk and dream and hope big, and see what happens? 2014, let's do this!

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