Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Something we talked about in class yesterday: how do you know what you know?

I think the proper word for that is "epistemology," but I need to double check that. Anyway, it's a pretty big thing to think about.

How DO we know what we know? or KNOW what we KNOW?

As a Christian, the I believe the Bible is a major source of answers, but that brings up two immediate questions:

First, what about all the people who DON'T believe that?

Second, if I really believe that, why don't my actions show it more clearly?

For the first question, I think that really has to change the way I interact with others. For example, if I'm sharing my faith or beliefs or whatever with someone who doesn't believe the Bible is true or authoritative, but instead relies on their person experience for truth and reason, then I have to change the way I talk to them, or how I present what I say.

So, my epistemology affects my apologetics.

Cool, huh?

I think it also points to the importance of digging deeper in conversations with people and not just assuming they believe or think the same way we do. IE, asking more questions!

As for the second question, this is a tough one for me. why don't my "beliefs" and actions line up better? Why do I let myself get away with being such a slacker in this area? Why so many excuses when there's clearly a call for action?


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