Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bittersweet (5-23-03)

C#m A2 B
Some say “it’s not easy being me”
A2 C#m B
But I think it’s hard just to be anybody
Cause this life is so bittersweet
That some days I just want to spit it out
But the taste always draws me back in
And I start to swallow the pain with the joy
Cause the truths I learn through my tears
Are the stones that build me whole…

A2 B C#m
Let me die to myself as you come fill me up
A2 B
Drown my pride in the flood of your love


I don’t want to live in this death anymore
So come move your spirit through this body
I don’t want to breathe in this air
No, I want more of you, I want more of you
Come fill me up…

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