Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why Can’t I Trust You?
(2/14/02 & 2/22/02)

Capo 1
Intro: E E* A2 E

Verse 1
E E* A2 E

When the rains came
And washed my house away
I was not afraid
I was not afraid

When the fire raged
And tried to burn my heart
My faith did not depart
My faith did not depart

And whether mountains high
Or valleys so low
You never let me go
You never let me go

Chorus 1
C#m B A2 C#m B A2

But then the sun set
And the shadows crept up
And took me by surprise
And as the darkness wrapped around me
I feared I’d never see the light again…

Chorus 2
E E* A2 E

So why can’t I trust you
To make the sun rise tomorrow
To give me joy for my sorrow
Like you promised you would

Why can’t I trust you?
Why do I run from the darkness
Instead of standing on the promise
That you’d carry me through

Verse 2

My heart and mind
Seem forever at war
And I’m not sure
Who to believe anymore

For though your promise never changed
From the valleys to the rain,
When the light began to fade,
My hope was swept away

And like the little foxes
That spoil the vine
It’s the smaller things
That destroy me over time

Chorus 1

Chorus 2 (2x)


C#m B A2 C#m B A2
My faith is in my sight and I can’t see very far
My hope is in my might and I’m falling apart
E E* A2 E
So why can’t I trust you?

E E* A2 E

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