Thursday, November 29, 2007

this is the first song i ever wrote, fall 1999, i think.

What Really Matters

Intro: Am D F C Am D F Am D F C F C E

Am D F C
Sometimes I walk in the light with my eyes closed
Am D F
And yet I can’t understand why I don’t see the road
Am D C
My heart’s not in anything and I’m drifting day by day
Am D F C
If I ever knew what was real, well I don’t anymore
No, I don’t anymore

Am D F C
Words spill from my lips that I don’t understand
Am D F
I lead a conversation that I can’t follow
Am D C
I’m reaching for something that I’m not sure exists
Am D F C
Seeking nothing more than less trouble than this mess
I’m in…


Am C G
Every time I think I’ve got what really matters
Am F C G Gsus G
Just when I start to see over the wall
Am C
Turns out that all I have are
D Em Am
Pieces of something shattered
Em F C
Broken dreams scattered
G Gsus G
On the floor

Am G C Em E

Am D F C
I have no choice but to live day to day
Am D F
To struggle until I collapse
Am D C
I’m tired of living on the surface level
Am D F C
I’ve got to dig deeper, but I don’t know how,
No, I don’t know how
Am F
I need a hand to hold and a voice to say,
“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid”

Chorus Em Am

Bm G D A
If I fall apart, will you pick up the pieces?
Bm G D A
If I break down, will you build me up again?
Bm G D A
‘Cause I’m afraid to lose this fight
Bm G D
‘Cause I’m afraid I’ll lose more
Than just the broken pieces of my life
A G D Dsus
Just the broken pieces of my life


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