Tuesday, January 13, 2009


today i swam for almost an hour. it was insane, and yet, so awesome. i walked home from the gym feeling so alive and full and hungry and great. it was fabulous.

i love how God answers prayer in the most surprising and fun ways.

here's the backstory: a while back, i was walking to the gym and whining to God, basically feeling sorry for myself. whoa is me, i'm so lonely and sad and blah blah bad day etc.

not my best moment.

i didn't have any expectations at that point--just knew i needed to work out and try to get back into somewhat of a schedule.

but that's when the most random and surprising thing happened.

after i'd worked out, i ended up talking to one of the trainers. i'd seen her and some other women running outside, and i was like, what were you all up to? so she proceeded to tell me about this mini triathalon thing they're training for, and invited me to join them. two times a week, swimming, running, biking, small group, discipline, etc. i was like, hmm, sounds good, let me think about that.

and as i walked home a few minutes later, all the pieces started fitting together and the light bulbs going off.

what i'd been whining about before was wanting to connect with other people, build relationships, feel like life is a bit more meaningful, get better about exercising, have a more set schedule and be more disciplined. and then BAM, somehow, He works out all the details in one conversation?


to say God is good feels like an understatement at moments like this. any way i could try to describe Him feels totally inadequate. it's just, wow. seriously?

thank You, Father, for taking care of the details like this. for caring so much about the little things of my life and weaving them together in such amazing and surprising ways.

so, swimming today was rough, but good. and i'm looking forward to more of it. thank You, Dad.

i love You, and more today...

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