Friday, January 9, 2009

more R words

i read an article today while i was at the gym about dealing with family issues around the holidays, and it really got me to thinking. like i mentioned earlier, i get stuck on results, and miss out on relationships with people, in there inevitably messiness.

the article mentioned two more R words that seem to fit right in with this thought: reconciliation and resolution

i think rick warren is the one that wrote the article (for ladies home journal, random, i know), and his point was that we can get to focused on resolution (ie, fixing everying, tidying up relationships and making it all better) and miss out on reconciliation. reconciliation is the idea of not ignoring problems, but not letting them stand in the way of loving the other person and having a relationship with them, at least to some degree. reconciliation focuses on people and relationship ships--resolution focuses on problems and results.

very interesting stuff.

one thought i had though is, what do you do when the other person wants nothing to do with you? when they refuse to resolve or recile anything? how do you love them, treat them lovingly, in that situation.

i'm not really sure about what to do with that, but it's definitely something to think about...probably more on this later.

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