Thursday, January 15, 2009

knowledge, information, wisdom...

going back to one of the things i mentioned the other day: discipleship, getting practical.

i love some of the discipleship classes i've taken, some of the studies i've done, but really, when i stop and think about it, "taking a discipleship class" really sounds kind of ridiculous.

being discipled, becoming more like Christ, is a lifestyle. right?

i think so--i'm definitely seeing that line up more with my life than the idea that i could take a class and then, "check," got that.

no, not so much.

like i said, i've enjoyed the classes i've taken. enjoyed the conversations and the truths learned, but i find that a lot of that tends to end up as head knowledge for me. i have to take the next step and put it into practice and THEN, there's a chance at it really change my life/daily behavior.

and i guess, that would be the whole point of the class, really. to equip us to take the next step.

but, let's face it. do most of us think of what we learn that way?

and not just in Christian circles--with anything. we've become so over saturated by knowledge that's probably mostly useless on a daily basis that somehow i think we're also starting to file away stuff that would actually be useful along with the useless stuff.

for example, i can google pretty much absolutely anything. tons of useless knowledge out there, and now, i can even get it on the go, just by pulling out my cell phone.

insane, really. but what do i do with that knowledge? does it really make a big difference in my daily life, choices, patterns, habits, character? or is it just fun to know?

honestly, i think i just like to know. i like to get on facebook just to know what other people are up to. 9 times out of 10, i'm not going to message or poke them or anything like that, but if they're eating cereal or watching american idol or picking their nose, well, i'll know, because the info is there.

now, this isn't really a bad thing necessarily. not on its own at least, but what concerns me is, how does this thinking about knowledge and information and wisdom affect my view of things that are good and wise and helpful? does it affect my view of God's word and the role it plays in my life, my daily choices?

hmm...gotta run, but much more to think about with this...

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